Marketing Implementation

Digital Marketing Managed Service Package

This is a marketing-based package that delivers not only a range of online training modules but also tools and personalised campaigns. These campaigns will be able to be immediately put into action for your business to generate leads across your existing customer base in addition to a range of marketing channels including Email, SMS and social. It also includes 6 hours of 1 on 1 or group training to assist you to configure and implement multichannel marketing strategies and automated processes to improve time consuming tasks in your business so your time can be better directed to business growth initiatives.

The package includes:

High Level Training on Digital Marketing Strategies via online training modules including:

  • Understand Marketing Automation and how it applies to your business.
  • How to prepare your business for digital marketing.
  • How to apply automation to improve your customer experience and efficiencies.
  • Understanding the power of personalised communications for marketing.
  • How to leverage media news for outbound marketing purposes.
  • How to leverage technology for inbound marketing at shows and events.
  • How to leverage technology for above the line marketing including radio, billboards and print.
  • How to create marketing based campaigns with automation. Masterclass training sessions that include:
    • Generating Lookalike audiences on Facebook.
    • Running promotions on Facebook with supporting automation.
    • How to use automation tools to grow your LinkedIn network.
    • Designing engaging content for Social Posts.
    • Understanding how to use SEO for traffic promotion.
    • Marketing options on LinkedIn (Post strategies and automation options).
    • Marketing options on Facebook (Post strategies and promotional options).
    • Understanding your customer types for profile-based marketing.
    • How to use YouTube, Wistia and Vimeo for marketing purposes.

The deliverables will include:

  • Training on reviewing your existing CRM data and strategy to prepare for automated marketing.
  • Implementation of tools to facilitate campaign objectives.
  • Training on connecting to services such as Calendly for appointment setting.
  • Training on using meeting-based services such as Zoom.
  • Training on events and interactions to track for customer regulatory compliance.
  • Helping configure your social channels ready for marketing purposes.
  • Preparing marketing content to your brand and services.

Creating branded multichannel marketing campaigns that include:

  • 1 x Campaign to validate existing CRM data integrity and data review.
  • 12 x Campaigns to support product based marketing strategies for Email and Social Channels
  • 1 x Newsletter Campaign Template with automated client communications.
  • 1 x Professional Referral Campaign to leverage professional relations.
  • 1 x Campaign for Linking your website to marketing based initiatives.
  • 1 x Campaign for Local Promotions such as local cafés for lead generation.
  • 1 x Campaign to include a promotion for trade shows using SMS, QR codes and Email.
  • 1 x Campaign to support automation of disclosure documentation and tracking for compliance.
  • 1 x Campaign for customer surveys.
  • 1 x Campaign for Birthday communications for existing clients.

Learning Outcomes:

A business will have learnt a range of digital marketing options available and have a 12 month strategy running with working campaigns across a range of marketing channels for their business. These campaigns will be operational and delivering real-time results and notifications to support business growth. In addition, they will have direct access to our consultants for ongoing support and access to our master class training sessions for continual learning around best practice marketing processes.

Expectation of time commitment:

It is expected that the business invests their time in completing the initial training modules followed by 6 one on one or group sessions to help implement a tangible marketing strategy. As this is a 12 month strategy, they are expected to work to implement training strategies into their business over this period to maximize the deliverables of what they have learnt.


$4,995.00 + GST

Co-Funding may be available through Regional Business Partners. To access this co-funding you must first speak with one of the RBP Growth Advisors to discuss your business. The Growth Advisor will seek to understand opportunities for growth and help identify any barriers to this. You can access our registered service here or visit the Region Business Partners website